multiclock – Firmware 1.0.8 Release

We are happy to announce a multiclock firmware update to version 1.0.8. This release mainly enhances the capabilities of the internal analog LFO on Channel 1, which had some quirks we haven’t noticed in the last 6 years of making the multiclock until now. Of course we want to fix this!

Update Firmware 1.0.8

The ‘free’ mode is now really running freely with continuous frequency and no reset behaviour while running. The phase is only reset on a clock start.

In the second mode, ‘quant’, the LFO frequency is quantized and synced to the current tempo.

The last mode, ‘rst x/16′ , combines both former modes for a continuously controllable, free running frequency with a periodic reset in multiples of 16th notes.

Besides this, a small bug is fixed, where the multiclock kept forgetting the setting of the MIDI Remote setup.

We hope you enjoy this update and get the updated version here.


  • LFO free running mode – sync every six bars removed – now it runs freely
  • LFO quant mode – sync improved
  • New LFO reset mode – added
  • Remote setting not saved – fixed
  • Removed unused start/stop debug counter