Thank You for your patience!

First of all, we hope you are all doing ok and you found your way to deal with the current state of the world. It is fair to assume that the dramatic changes of the past few months were always far beyond the imagination of most of us and we are not even over the hill yet. We are with all of you that lost their jobs, gigs or even friends or family and send love and hope your way. 

It feels like it is time to reach out to you again after long months of silence and thank you for your outstanding support in these difficult times, whether it be sharing music created with our products, being patient waiting for your orders or just acting super nice on support requests. It means a lot to us and gives us security as a company to even grow our team again recently.

You overwhelmed us with your orders since April and necessary lockdowns naturally also affected our supply chains. All of our production is based around Berlin, but obviously some of our electronic parts come from a highly globalized market as well, which has seen significant higher lead times for some components. As a small company, we do not have an unlimited stock of these parts and had to accept the delays.

This is why it might be currently a bit hard sometimes to find our products in stock. Please, be assured, we are shipping out every week on a very ambitious schedule and work hard to plow through the amount of your backorders while onboarding our new production team member Gal at the same time. Every product is in production and they leave our warehouse regularly. Thank you so much for your understanding of these circumstances.

We wish you all the best for the upcoming months and appreciate that you share love and respect with each other.

Be safe, please.